Here at Seaweed Human we strive to deliver the goods: good times, good intentions, so bad they're good jokes, visuals that open your third eye then poke it with a middle finger, objects you can stare at for hours before slipping into an inter-dimensional time loop, an appreciation for cult movies, loud farts, graffiti, monsters, cartoons, unity, nostalgia, that funky stuff, scares, illogical conclusions, boombap, vintage pop, mild depression, madness, life lessons and all manor of the absurd. Because face it, what are we all doing here anyway? Let's buy stuff and have a laugh as we get through this thing called life!

We aren't too big on rules or labels, but one thing Seaweed Human takes serious is making quality art for the people. Everything we produce should be experienced as intended. Especially our picture books, enjoy them in the physical world, not as a pretty jpeg on a screen. This might be old fashioned, but GET OFF OUR LAWN!

Seaweed Human is indie AF. Why, I can count all our corespondents on one hand! You can't get more underground than us. We do hope to spread our wings and share our vision with you and other like minded souls. If you are looking for something a little different, and stupid, feel free to tell your friends and join the cause!  

Dickey is down to talk about whatever, including wholesale inquiries or collaborations, give a shout!