U up... to no good!?! Beware of the vices that keep our attention, they may be distracting us from the devil's open man hole. Watch your step! Lost as Hell is the disturbing sequel to Mr. Williams, very much an Aliens-style follow up, introducing more monsters, more depravity and more pop culture degenerates. It dips the reader's toe in the boiling depths of Hell and pulls back the veil to the underworld! Follow our reluctant tourist on a mind-altering stroll that will leave him forever changed, and you doubting your own sanity! Sounds fun right!?!

38 Full-Color Pages

Large Format Board Book 

Embossed Cover Art

Not for Kids!

Limited Edition

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Just awesome

Heather on Jul 23rd 2023

I'm so happy my friend told me about these books. I think they're something really special. The rhymes, the dark humor, and artwork are fantastic, and the underlying message is spot on. I hope you write more of these Dickey.